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Originally Posted by Utah335 View Post
Lots of piston ring failures on the MY08 and 09 Subaru STI's. I personally would not get one until they get their "stuff" together.

Subaru has some problems right now + they dropped out of the WRC. Most everyone that I hear from likes their Subaru hatchback STI...until it blows a piston.

I also drive an '07 STI.

Check the topics on
The cracked ringland issue is also affecting '07's as much as the '08's and '09's. The issue is far less than the issues with the 335i HPFP. Granted BMW extended the warranty, but the cost of a new factory STI shortblock is less than the cost of the HPFP. Heck you can do a fully built motor in an STI for $5000 - about 1/3 the cost of stock 335 motor.

I still love the car and how inexpensive it is to maintain. The AWD system is amazing and personally, I love the hatch design much more than the sedan.

If I were afraid of reliability issues, I certainly wouldn't own a BMW.