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Originally Posted by hhkim View Post
Vikz, how'd you figure out which trucking company has your car?

I know the Atlanta area dealers (and I think all BMW dealers) cars are shipped to them by Waggoners trucking... I did this for my previous cars as well... I wait a few days after the car reaches VPC--then just call Waggoners..ask for dispatch, and give them the last 6,or 7 of the vin, they can tell you everything...up to the point of where exactly the truck is--IF they have the car

Just found out again that truck is loading today..and car will be delivered to dealership by around noon tomorrow..the same truck will be making stops at a total of 3 ATL area dealers... I'm probably looking at Friday delivery. Will keep you guys updated. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Honestly--I dont even call my CA once I know my car is at VPC--they dont help at all.. the trucking company tells me more than my dealer could--