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Originally Posted by rjm8282 View Post
Great write up, sounds really good.

I have just had my software upgraded and wastegates aligned, but I have noticed a lot of smoke coming from the exhaust on a standstill. I start the car in the morning, leave it running for 10 mins and still when I go into my boot I have to walk through a cloud of smoke. I expect some smoke due to the cold, but is this the norm?? Mines a early 2006 335 model.
What colour is the smoke? Does it smell at all? With the weather how it is now, smoke is the norm especially when the car is cold. Also ten minutes with the engine idling isn't really getting the engine warm enough to eliminate any smoke. What happens if you rev the engine? The smoke clears completely? It's most likely the smoke is just condensation - you'd know if it smelt like oil, or if it comes out sooty!