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Originally Posted by Yahoo View Post
Could DMS custom tune the BMWP remap?
Yes, you can rewrite the ECU with another map, but I don't know if there is additional encryption from BMW. I know that for the older 335i cars with the MDS80 ECU when you upgrade to the BMWP kit you get a new MDS81 ECU (which has harder-to-break encryption etc). But would you really want to spend 1600 on the BMWP remap, then another 850 on a DMS map, just to get an upgraded radiator fan and water radiator ??!!

Utterly pointless no? I will be retrofitting the additional water radiator once the car's back in action - it's not difficult at all and the parts aren't expensive. I'll forego the bigger radiator fan, because I'll already have two oil coolers and two water radiators...!