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Originally Posted by Alpina_B3_Lux View Post
Would you mind going into more detail on that one? I've been considering doing just that as well, but no one has actually come up with an answer to (i) whether the radiator can be bought separately from the whole package and (ii) if so, what's the part number and price?


I've been given access to the part numbers used to make up the various components in the BMWP Power kit. However I can't find the numbers for the brackets needed to mount the water radiator, so if I can't get hold of those I'll have brackets fabricated to suit.

Effectively it's a water radiator, mounting brackets, new plastic duct for the front bumper, replacement front left wheelarch liner, water lines, and various T-pieces to plumb into the existing water system. The main cost will be the radiator itself and I'm still waiting on confirmation of the component costs, but indication is that the radiator itself will be around 250.