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I have an '06 325i with about 48,000 on it. Recently, it began ticking in the morning upon start up. I took it into Beverly Hills BMW and then researched the issue on the web and noted that there's a new cylinder head out there. I then heard back from the dealer that they were going to replace the 12 exhaust side lifters. I asked why not the cylinder head, and demanded to see the service bulletin. The Sept. 09 bulletin posted on this blog appears to be the latest one and is the same one they gave me. It dispenses with the bleed procedure, and mandates replacement of ONLY the exhaust side lifters. No more tick, and the tech advised me that there was not excessive wear on the cams, etc. The next step is cylinder head replacement.

As such, anyone with a lifter tick (and it's an obvious sound if you have any car knowledge at all), should demand at the very least that the exhaust side lifters be replaced.