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Originally Posted by bmwkong View Post
Right, so I dropped the car off at the dealers at 8am.

Just had the dredded phone call from them at 10am...................

DSC hydro unit failed.......1300+vat for part + 357 labour + 45mins diagnostics.

However BMW have agreed to pay 100% parts 0% labour....leaving me with a total bill of 420. I requested the dealer to re-request some contribution from BMW for the labour but the dealer refused to re-request saying this is the final goodwill offer from BMW. Is that normal?

Im still not happy that they are not contributing something towards labour. If they are willing to pay 100% parts, surely they are accepting that this unit should not be failing so early on and so should be covering the total cost if not some contribution towards labour???

I have given the dealer the go ahead for the repair as they have the part in stock.

Do you guys think this outcome is fair considering the car is 7 months out of warranty and has full BMW service history?

I might still write to BMW to express my dissatisfaction with the situation.

Or should I suck it and be done with it ?? Opinions please

Oh and milleage is only 40K.
My personal opinion, failures like this at anything under 100,000 miles are totally unacceptable. This part should be good for the life of the car if you ask me.

If it's true that this is a common part between BMW and VAG cars and they are both having issues with a high rate of a failures a recall should be issued.