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Originally Posted by Guibo View Post
An M3 or M5 driven by a BMW pro would not likely have beaten the CTS-V by a significant enough margin to show that the CTS-V is not a legitimate player in this class. The CTS-V is clearly close enough. A narrow win would only legitimize the CTS-V, and that's not likely something BMW would want to do.
Secondly, we don't know what their driver schedules are like. There could be a conflict in the schedules. That was a reason given as to why Jim Mero was chosen to drive the ZR1 for its fastest lap, and not a racer like Jan Magnussen (who is confident he can easily shave 7 seconds from Mero's time).

The fact that BMW could have chosen Stuck or any number of development drivers to drive the M5, yet chose Auberlen who had never even driven the car, tells us how seriously they took the R&T challenge. In other words, not too seriously. Or, Stuck's schedule wouldn't allow it.
Hans Stuck doesn't work for BMW anymore. He now works for Volkswagen.