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What sports car to get for my budget..

i drive an e90 m3 and even though it's the best car i've owned to date, i realized i'm a small 2seater sports car person.
so the hunt is on for another car =)

budget is around 30k and i'm thinking the following from VERY short list actually. i want to pull the trigger in a month or 2 or early next yr depending on how upcoming holidays go.

1. s2000 (mid10 to low 20k): used to own it and the only car i regret selling. best bang for the buck and low maintenance but since i already owned it, it doesn't have that "new" feeling..
2. 993 C2 (high 20 to mid 30k): my favorite p-car design to date save for 997 GT3. but it's a 12yr car now and not sure if maintenance is something i can live with but god i love the design and the sound of air cooled engine
3. 996tt (low to high 40k <- real budget cutoff): not the prettiest porsche but it's a legendary turbo and for this i can spend more than allocated budget if this car makes sense.. started doing some research on it and it sounds pretty exciting..

so if you guys are in my situation or playing with someone's money for a 2 seater sports car (i consider p-car 2+2 seating to be 2seater ), what would you do... i really can't make up my mind..
thanks for your input really
Future mod consideration: exhaust, pulley
otherwise, very happy with how the m3 was born