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Originally Posted by Alpina_B3_Lux View Post
Great photos. All of that is really mouthwatering! Can't wait to see that in person and catch a ride with you.

BTW, I always thought the BMW turbos were oil cooled only, that's at least what I've understood so far. But I'm no expert, so could be wrong.


The BMW turbos have both water lines and oil lines into the bearing housing.

Having studied the pictures of the Racing Dynamics turbos very carefully, Turbo Dynamics have confirmed that those upgraded turbos are 100% only oil cooled. There are NO waterways anywhere on those turbos. What's more those CHRAs appear appear to be from an old T25 diesel unit, hence why there isn't any watercooling on the bearing housing as diesel engines never see exhaust gas temperatures at the same level as a petrol engine

Turbo Dynamics share my concerns over the premature bearing wear on these units, and given the state of the bearings that came out of my turbos which showed a lot of heat soak damage, I struggle to see how the Racing Dynamics turbos will last any length of time, unless they have come up with an alternative cooling solution.

Note that I have only said Racing Dynamics at this point - these comments might be applicable to ASR if they use the same techniques and components.

I have sent emails to both Racing Dynamics and ASR for their comments as I am intrigued to see how RD has overcome this cooling issue and whether ASR have the same design principles.