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Originally Posted by Schumacher View Post
I hope you are not comparing times set by different drivers. I know for a fact that the Supra was driven by Motoharu Kurosawa and the NSX by Jeremy Clarkson (a self described idiot behind the wheel).

In fact, all the known times are set by MT, CD or Edmunds making the Supra laptime completely irrelevant. None are drivers of Kurosawa's pedigree.
Regardless, the drivers of the other cars are not incompetent. The fact that they are even within a couple of seconds of each other is a statement in it's own. You can't really use who was driving as an argument to side with someone who says the Supra is a drag queen not a sports car... Why?

Because with ANY of these cars, you can have a weaker driver and it can be terrible at the track, you will never escape the very good drivers that tool on guys in exotics at the track who are less than mediocre drivers.

Another way to look at it:

The Supra was bone stock, and it is also know to have a ridiculous amount of HP and Torque to gain. Bolt ons or "BPU" (Basic performance upgrades) take a Supra TT in stock form (high 280whp ish) to about 400+ whp... now that is with BASICS. A single turbo set up or even HKS twins can create HUGE gains. The best part is, the Supra put's it down very well on a road course still, and a drag strip.

Anyone that knocks one of the best, most potent, reliable and down right exotic ass whooping cars of all time should no longer contribute.

I am not saying other cars here suggested are not good ones and should be ignored. BUT with suggestions like buying a brand new s2000, I wonder how much these guys actually KNOW... scratch that I don't wonder I know they aren't a solid source for good info.

Anyone that wants to spend $30,000 on a brand new s2000 when you can get one with crap for miles, that is identical to the new example for $18,000 or so is high. Buying a brand new car and justifying the price usually is tied into wanting something that will be more reliable, not abused, or last longer because you started from scratch... or even that you just want that "it's ALL mine" feeling.

More reliable? No way, that car will out live it's owner even used...

Abused? Maybe but there are a TON of them out there to choose from and they are just as reliable

all mine feeling? If you want to blow $12,000 more than you have to for the all mine feeling, whatever with you anyway.

For those saying 996TT, youre crazy... CRAZY to think you are going to get an even less than mediocre example of a 996TT for $30,000 or $30,000 ISH.

I personally know Steve Theodore, he's a friend of mine. He just bought his with fairly higher miles but in good shape for low $40,000's and he is a sniper of deals and used car condition as well as the founder of the Supra Hard Top registry. He has owned anything from multiple Supras, zO6's, and now a 996TT. You might find one that's been rear ended for that amount of money...

The only decent condition 911 you're going to find for $30,000 ish is a 993 or 996 Carerra, maybe an S.
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