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Originally Posted by Heinzftw View Post
Theft recovery is also known as salvage title. I honestly don't know much about the subject, just throwing that out there.
No it's not. They are seperate things.
Originally Posted by 11Past9 View Post
What I am wondering is if you get it back, and it's not totalled from stuff being damaged, or taken off it does it automatically become a theft salvage title and you get to have it back? Or does it only get a theft recovery title if it gets totaled out and when that happens you don't have to take it back just get the insurance money.
No it does not. A salvaged vehicle is a vehicle that has been totalled and then repaired or "salvaged". If your vehicle is recovered with no damage and no money is paid out on that car by your insurance company, you will go back to things as they always were.

The idea that a theft recovery = salvaged title comes from your car being stolen for an extended amount of time, and the insurance company paying out for a total loss (the value of the car). If the vehicle is then recovered afterwards, the title will get a salvage marking due to it being "totalled out". There are ways to remove salvage titles in most states.
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