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Originally Posted by justice View Post
Then go make one and get back to us.
Originally Posted by chaz58 View Post
Drill a hole in you airbox and run some piping down to the outside. It ain't rocket science.

90% of the improvemnt comes from removing that coal filter though.
If you have proof to back up your claim, I'd love to see it. Do you really believe Dinan would design and market products that donít improve the engine, driveline, chassis of BMWs? My guess is if they didn't, they would have been out of business long time ago. Maybe you're right though. You can take my car for a spin next time I drive back up to Birmingham, MI to visit my family.

According to Mike Miller, Roundel, the charcoal filters are there because of NA emissions regulations. The thought is when the engine is shut down, a tiny bit of exhaust gas escapes through the intake. A service tech at my local dealer said it will not hurt the engine by removing it, but won't make a significant difference either.

I dynoed my car on a Dyno Jet after install. Unfortunately I don't have a baseline dyno to compare with - my fault. My seat of the pants dyno says the car has better throttle response, and a nice smooth pull to red line. Maybe it was just a big waste of cash in the end...Oh well.

I'd like to install the BMW Performance Intake, and then compare.
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