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Originally Posted by trekster
Thanks for the info.
One question, How would you forego when you take off the plastic from outside of the car and you see that you're car is damaged? The dealer can't take responsibility since you left the plastics on. Wouldn't it be better if you let the dealer take the plastics from outside of the car?
It's only tape that they need to remove from outside of the car right? So would it be ok if you let the dealer take the tape off.
Ya, when I was at the dealership they asked me to take the tape off there so we could both inspect the car, which we did. Taking the tape off is very easy and I would suggest you do it yourself, but at the dealership in case there is any damage that needs to be addressed. I only mention taking it off yourself because there are a couple spots up on the top of the tape that attach to the rubber around the window that will peel away the rubber if it is torn off, which the dealers will often do.

Originally Posted by ADHD
exellent write up PICUS!!! Glad to see you took the time to show how much dirt clay can really pull off your paint!!! NEVER UNDERESTIMATE the clay!
I did my own prep procedure for my car a bit excessive probably IYO! but im an anal nut..
I obviusly requested No wash on delivery and that i got. thing was dirty as hell.. i just went a bit different route with the products..
I used the megs all purpose cleaner (citris cleaner) to strip the paint of all sticker residue and what not!
followed with some klausse AIO,
then the KLAUSSE SG.
and topped with the pinnacle souveran!!!!