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Originally Posted by 11Past9 View Post
Lotus Elise (around low 30's used) WRONG... more like mid to low $20's now and they are harshly unfriendly to the daily driver. A great track car but they don't even have carpet...
A Search on Autotrader lists that the Cheapest Elise is $25k, while most are around $30k.

Where are you finding all the LOW $20's Elises?

Rx7 with LS1 motor ( around 30k ) WRONG again, you can get a nicely done FD LSx for $20 ish... $30k gets you one with a blower and a bunch of supporting mods. Great car but not for everyone.
The LSx FD's on v8rx7forum are around $30k.

The ones that are around $20's are unfinished
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