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Question Has anyone been having a rattling noise in or near the radio?

My car has been at the dealers for 3 weeks and has only 1,100
miles on it. I have a rattle in the dash around the radio. The dealer has been working on it when time is allowed ... you know a non-paying customer :mad: They said a part has been on back order and do not know when it will be arriving. I'm picking up the car tonight and when the item arrives I'll have to set up another appointment! Has anyone else had this type of problem and has it been resolved? If so.. How? Dealer still doesn't know for sure what is causing it to rattle... if this new part doesn't do it... they are thinking of replacing the entire dash board Geeezzz... you pay
BIG bucks for a nice car.....and it rattles in a month! What happen to the good old days?