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Originally Posted by marcus330i
Since I can still change my order I'm thinking about bailing on Ti Silver and going with Black. A friend who has had many cars tells me the metallic sapphire will be easier to keep clean looking than the jet black. Is this true?
I'm in a similar situation. My colour of choice has always been SG. However, I saw SG on Friday and thought it was

nice, but I was not blown away as I expected to be. Maybe I have seen too much SG on the net that my expectations were too high? I don't know.

I agree 100% with what "a3ndy" once said in the SG thread in this forum... that "Silver and Black are the colours to go for". So marcus330i, good luck with the colour decision on arguably 2 of the best E90 colours.

Back to my give SG another chance, I went back to the dealer on Saturday, and was lucky enough to see a 330 in SG and a 320 in non-metallic Black next to each other inside the showroom... I stood there in amazement when I realised that Black looks a whole lot nicer than SG.... Of course I hated what I saw because my mind has been set on SG for more than 4 months now. But I'm happy that I realised this early enough. I would have hated it even more, if I only realised it at the time when I couln't change my order. Luckily I still have until the end of May to change my options.

I was also lucky enough to see another SG parked outside in the sun, and to my disappointment once again it was not as nice as in the pictures. I'm also unhappy with what I saw when I took a closer look on SG with my nose almost touching the metal. I can't explain what I saw, but I just didn't like the colour details of SG on a closer look.

Make no mistake, SG looks nice, but I just think Black looks even nicer....and that's just my subjective opinion of course... I would still advise SG followers like myself to compare SG to other colours on a real car. You need to be 100% satisfied with it....don't let other people dictate on your taste... after all, you have to live with that colour.

The only reason I never considered Black for the E90 was that I read that it looks bad on the E90...however, after seeing it in person, I beg to differ, and I think it's up there with the best colours for the, if you are reading this and you love SG, don't worry, this is just my personal opinion and observation. I still love SG, but not more than Black, and I would still choose SG over Arctic anyday.

With my love for dark colours, I have reluctantly removed Silver from the equation. The only difficulty for me now, is choosing between the non-metallic Black and Sapphire Black, and it should be an easy job to do. I'm not worried about keeping it clean, but the stories about swirl marks are getting me worried, but not enough to go back to SG.

All I need now, is to see Sapphire Black in the metal, then my chopping and changing of options and colours will be over. I would appreciate advice on choosing betweeen the two Black exterior colours.
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