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Something that is conveniently omitted from the conversations - the cost is around $1.2 trillion over 10 years......but care is only provided for 7 of the 10 years. The taxes, fees, revenue generation start almost immediately, but the money doesn't flow for 3 years.

Simple math says if it takes 10 years of revenue to pay for 7 years of benefits....we're screwed in year 11.

Second, why does no one seem to give a shit that the bill from the House does NOTHING to control costs. It does just the opposite - it maintains the status quo for CYA medicine, and adds millions of new customers. How exactly does this solve the problem of health care gobbling up too much of the GDP?

And to the next person that wants to bring up the US medical expenditures to outcomes - try learning a little about our couch potato, fast food, video game, quick fix diet pill, non-exercising litigious culture. No shit we spend a lot of money. Doctors, by the admission of the AMA, spend BILLIONS of dollars on tests and procedures they know are generally useless, but they'll be sued if they don't.

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