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Originally Posted by lkw15 View Post
Anyone that opposes health care reform is a racist bigot, period. Or you hate old people, women and children.
I oppose the health care reform, and I love our Senior Citizens. I actually make a living by keeping them happy and properly covered. I manage a sales team for a Medicare Advantage plan and see how this healthcare reform is taking away from supple benefits that the seniors have access to currently. What I am against is people getting something for nothing, there are way to many lazy people in this country who are way to comfortable sitting and waiting for hand outs.
And the whole employer groups being forced to offer benefits, isn't really going to be too effective. A simple way out is for the large employer group to utlizing temporary staffing for most of their lower pay grade jobs, which most already do in the first place. Using this process means no benefits have to be offered to that temp employee.