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Originally Posted by Turbo>NA View Post
I beat the game this morning..

But I wanted to know a couple things because I did not understand..

Q.) When the nuke was launched into the air why did it explode in the air and not the surface ground?

A.) Airbursting a nuke in low orbit would knock out a ton of stuff with an EMP, but wouldn't cause massive death and destruction on the ground. Price didn't want to fuck up too much of the capitol....

Q.) Remember the Russian leader who planned the airport mission, what happened to him at the end? Did he die?

A.) Still alive, and probably in MW3!!

Q.) After everyone fucked over each other in the story, the 2 marines who were
still alive, Price and some other guy. Who did they rely on for trust and info? How did they know where to go?

A.) They weren't Marines, they were former SAS. Captain Price and Soap MacTavish, both from MW1. Nikolai was the deep undercover asset they rescued in MW1.....

Q.) Which mission was offensive that they asked if people should skip it or not?

A.) The one where you are with Makarov and shooting the civilians in the Airport ("No Russian" is the mission.) Some don't like the idea of whacking civilians. I pulled the trigger like crazy though.... I know, I'm a sick bastard!

Q.) Which 2 marines got burned alive? Roach and Ramaeriz? or who?

A.) Roach and Ghost, and they were Task Force 141, not Marines and likely former SAS. No Marines in this one, but Army Rangers instead.
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