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Originally Posted by gavinlibra1974 View Post
I can see both sides of the coin, but if you were charged full price deal at all on price..regardless of whos fault it was would you buy or lease another car from the same place when your lease was up knowing that they ripped you off the first go round?

Im telling my salesman that he needs to do something for me now or Im done with BMW. Why would I give him my business again on a more expensive car to boot..
If I went to dinner and the bill was like 150 bucks for my 2 burgers and drinks would I pay it or actually read the bill and let my waiter/waitress know there is a mistake? Then why would you still complain after buying/leasing a car without reading the fine print?

In telling your salesamn he needs to do something for you sounds like to me you are just fishing for freebies and mad that you didn't get "hooked up."

People know ahead of time about how much a BMW or Audi or MB cost, that's the price you pay for what you get.

Originally Posted by gavinlibra1974 View Post
Thats better..good boy!

Originally Posted by SLCGoonski View Post
I paid full retail on my 335i from BMW. I was fine with that. Shopping local and having a good rapport with the local dealer is worth something to me.

When you go shopping at Wal-mart, do you ask for a discount off retail as well?

And why are you talking down to Park2670? He seems committed to make your experience better.
I have to agree on all these points. If you want BMWs at a lower price, why not use ED? Oh that's right you are leasing...

Everyone today wants something for nothing. Next time buy a Hyundai if you want all the features and a low price.
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