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Originally Posted by voltron1011 View Post
No, unfortunately it's a head bolt.. It's in the front of the engine, right under the intake manifold. It's next to the oil filter mount..
They are removing the manifold to get access to the shank of the bolt, so that they can hopefully EZ-out the rest of the bolt.
I'm not terribly upset about this... I've had the car for over 4.5 years (59,000 miles) and this is the really the only issue with the car that I've had.
Plus, the way I figure it, I'm still ahead of things had I purchased a $3300.00 extended warranty. The same extended warranty that would now be moot now that I'm moving back to Germany.
The one thing that does erk me is that I thought that BMW was building really tough engines, and that the engine would be the least of my problems down the road.
I would think breaking a head bolt would require removal of the head and replacement of the head gasket and you would have serious oil contamination of the coolant. Is it a bolt that actually holds the head to the engine block? Also I can't see using an easyout to remove the head bolt shank. The class of fit for head bolts is pretty tight.

It wouldn't be the first time a BMW engine had subpar head bolts. The early E30 M20 engines used to break head bolts until BMW redesigned them.