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Yes we should consider their needs and wants before the lives of our own sons and daughters, because if we screw up, "they" might not like us, call us names, and then we're at a political disadvantage....


Regardless of why we're there, or what our greater purpose is, we should be guarding the lives of our soldiers/Marines/airmen/squids. Their job is not to make political allies. The job is to eliminate the enemy while minimizing collateral damage. It's not like our options were: either drop a nuke on em or: lose four of our own. This is ridiculous. And the shitty part is a lot of these voices you hear from supporters of shit like this comes from the mouths of people who never have and never will serve, and wouldn't let their children step foot in the grunt military.

The politicians need to make the right choice as far as where to go and what the objective needs to be. Everything else needs to be laid out by the military. Period. If you don't want civilian casualties, then don't go in the first place. Otherwise, collateral damage has been a reality of war forever and we need to accept it. Don't send our sons and daughters over there if they end up in situations where they die because we wanted to save a couple Afghan civilians.

Heck, who knows... Maybe the grateful civilians we saved will send Obama a goat out of gratitude. Well worth it IMO.