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Originally Posted by deshields View Post
pfft. The american 'workforce' is lazy and has been for a very long time. Exploitation is relative and I think the american worker needs to be exploited in order to get his ass in gear and do something. Working 9-5 and then reaping 80,000$ (including health benefits) is not hard work by any stretch of the imagination. But thats what people expect and so we transform into a service economy.

We have been riding on immigrant hard work and ingenuity for a very long time. Our large economic sectors are the ones that have to do with advancement in technology and ideas. Now of course that we have clearly laid out to the world that we are hostile to everyone, the type of hardworking innovative immigrants that we want are no longer coming here.
I totally agree with the above, well thought out, and rational in its argument. In my opinion, many of the radically right posters on this forum don't really understand what it means to be a republican; they are just shit disturbers who happen to have a republican affiliation. Their behaviour and writing style are usually quite obtuse, ignorant and free of rational thought. With that being said, the people the OP is referring too are never going to admit that he has a good point, which is clearly evident when you read some of the responses to this thread.
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