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Originally Posted by stressdoc View Post
0-60 in a MT with procede & no shift lag would be under 4 secs with these ratios if you could get traction. Ditto for 1/4 mile with traps >115. Little harder for the 120mph+ crowd though, they would have to shift into 5th.
Yep and the 6AT is geared really well for the 400+ RWHP 335i's that are runnings 11's and traping over 118 MPH. 6000RPM = 113 MPH, 6250RPM = 118 MPH and 6500RPM = 123MPH.

And once people start trapping over 125MPH the 6MT will really shine 6000RPM = 122 MPH, 6250RPM = 127 MPH, 6500RPM = 132 MPH

5500RPM - 6500RPM seems to be the sweet spot in the RPM range.