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Originally Posted by voltron1011 View Post
From this pic with the gasket included, it looks like it isn't exactly a head bolt, Per Se... But, rather a bolt that clamps down the head to the main block. There is no gasket underneath, thus no problems with oil/coolant contamination.
So, ultimately, I may be lucky in that it was that particular bolt that broke.
Voltron, thanks for the info. I wonder if the bolt being exposed to the elements (vs. being inside the valve cover) has anything to do with the failure of it. Considering the age of the car, this could be a latent defect in the design. Aluminum corrodes over time and could weaken the metal to the point it can't take the pressure of holding the head down. Maybe the bolt was not properly coated during manufacture and became corroded, which lead to its failure. Keep us posted. Good luck.