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Originally Posted by FStop7 View Post
gotta say right now i think this game sucks

it's the same thing over and over:

charge headfirst into a swarm of a dozen enemies without using any kind of tactics or cover


would it kill them to take a page from games like ghost recon where you can actually take on enemies using different methods?

is the multi any better? at this point i think this was a waste of my $50
What level are you playing on? If you just run into a group of enemy on Veteran, they'll light you up in a hurry. You have to use cover and tactics.

Now, I've done the game on Veteran, and I'm going back to collect the intel pieces. I'm doing that on Recruit because you can stand in a hail of gunfire for what seems like forever...

Also, in the Specs Ops missions, there are times when you have to crawl and sneak around. If you just run, you'll alert the guards and dogs, and they'll chew you to bits....
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