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Originally Posted by Jim E. View Post
Sorry I haven't had time to update that post but I'm pretty damn impressed with the gains. As you all know, in stock form the car is deceptively fast. Basically once you spool up the turbos, the thrust is linear and drops off at higher rpm as we have come to appreciate.

Now, once the turbos spool up, the car goes like a bat out of hell and it doesn't give up at higher rpm's either. The thrust is still linear but man does it push you back in your seat!

With this easy mod, the car is comparably E46M3 fast! You still have a bit of lag for the 0-60 sprint but it's still faster than before. At all other speeds, the car is a beast.

I have not noticed any decrease in MPG but I need to be probably do a before and after comparison since I can unplug the module at will.

I can't wait for other tuners to come out with software for this car because I'm sure they will have some tricks up their collective sleeves.

Thanks for the info!

I find my car already "E46 fast" as stock and many have commented it feels faster. I do live 4000 feet above sea level so maybe there is some logic to this perception given the turbo advantage up here.