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Some folks will take the glass half empty philosophy, start firing the workforce and cut back on advertising. Others take the glass half full philosophy, increase advertising, gain a greater foothold within their markets.

My bet is you could have saved half of those jobs simply by not throwing money on advertising that isn't working.

There are better ways to solving economic problems than simple knee jerk reactions. No one who has been in President for the last 40 years has had any other role than simple pitchman. This includes Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and so on right up through the current president.

You can look at politics in this country very much the way you look at Pepsi and Coke. They each have different labels and a slightly different taste, but they are both still brown, both carbonated and both still soda. You aren't choosing between water and wine. It's the same result either way. It's still soda!

The agenda will always be the same until we look at other "brands" of political affiliation on a nationwide level. Until then, you are voting for whoever is selected by business as the best pitchman.

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