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Originally Posted by sexye92 View Post
im not sure if this applies to your diff, but i tried installing a quaife lsd in a customers car, it got it to go in but the way it was build and not able to shim the bmw diff, it had the ring gear way to tight against the pinion gear so there was zero backlash, needless to say i would not leave it in, i pulled it back out and put the stock back in
BMW shims for the differential are a bitch to get. Unfortunately there are a limited # of shops that have access to the parts to do this job properly.

A long time ago, when I looked into swapping the different BMW LSDs into a 335, I couldn't find a good fit. I don't have access to a shop that can do the driveline work that George was able to get done.

At this point it would be great if we could get one of the shops like KMS or Metric Mechanics to discuss the details of what is involved with this swap. Drivelines are not easy to mess with, the tolerances are very, very, precise, nothing can be out of balance or too short or long.