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Originally Posted by BKsBimmer View Post
So I guess you're okay with the ethics, thought process and supporters of the previous president who didn't mind dragging us into an unnecessary war that lead to the deaths of over 4000 of America's finest. Not to mention the financial cost of that war. And never mind that the previous president started a war in Afghanistan which he later neglected and let go to hell then conveniently left the mess for the current president to clean up. How's that for a Big Ass Mistake???? I guess that doesn't bother you at all.
At what point is this President and his supporters going to own this Presidency?

Geoerge W. Bush is not in office anymore. He is not responsible for the ROE in Afghanistan. He is no longer responsible for what happens in Afghanistan for good or ill. President Obama is the President. He did not inherit anything, he asked for the responsibilities he now has. It reflects an amazing lack of class for a President to constantly complain about his plight and blame others. It is time for Obama & his supporters to man up. A challenge to his supporters, try to defend his actions without mentioning Bush. Just rty.