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Originally Posted by shpirate87 View Post
At what point is this President and his supporters going to own this Presidency?

Geoerge W. Bush is not in office anymore. He is not responsible for the ROE in Afghanistan. He is no longer responsible for what happens in Afghanistan for good or ill. President Obama is the President. He did not inherit anything, he asked for the responsibilities he now has. It reflects an amazing lack of class for a President to constantly complain about his plight and blame others. It is time for Obama & his supporters to man up. A challenge to his supporters, try to defend his actions without mentioning Bush. Just rty.
So if a pilot made an error and now a plane was on a crash course for, then said "Well I'm off the clock now" and gets up out of the cockpit. Then someone comes and tries to correct the flight path, are they to blame then? After all, the pilot is not on the clock any more, and the plane crashed while the other person was trying to fix it.