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Originally Posted by TMNT View Post
Today I found out that one of my hardcore republican friends that I've known since I was in elementary school lost his job today. Now I don't wish anything like this upon anyone, however it was clear to us that this friend needed to get a reality check at some point in his life and it happen to come a lot sooner than later.

Last year one of my other friends lost his job and began accepting unemployement checks to keep his head above water until he could find another job (He considers himself and independent, but has always voted republican). This guy who just lost his job today wouldn't let him hear the end of it. He woud say that our friend was mooching off the system and was what was "wrong" with America. He said if he ever where to lose his job, he would never apply for unemployment. He said if he where president, he would get rid of it because it's just a system for lazy people to stay lazy.

This was the same guy who repeatedly tried to tell us that that economy was not in a recession and that the democratic dirtbags were exaggerating everything.

Now this same guy is scared shitless because he thought is job was secure. Not to mention that he has some health issues and now probably won't be able to afford or even get healthcare because what he has is considered a pre-exisiting condition. I won't even get into the stuff he said about healthcare, especially when he was probably thinking that he wouldn't lose it.

All I got to say is that Karma is a bitch. To all the hardcore right wingers on this site who have my friends type of mindset, I hope something like this doesn't happen to you because no matter how much I might disagree with you're politics, it's one hell of a lesson to learn from that I don't wish upon anyone.
But did he actually apply for unemployment?