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Originally Posted by InsaneSkippy View Post
Nice job ignoring the point

Granted Bush didn't just quit his job, you can't say he's not to blame for this war. He set something in motion, failed miserably at it, and then handed over all of the responsibility once Obama was elected.

Obama can't just say "That's it, we're out of here" and pull every single troop out BECAUSE of what Bush started.

Perhaps a better analogy for you. Bush pushed the boulder just enough to get it rolling down hill, and now people are complaining because Obama can't stop it from rolling.
That analogy had no point.

Bush did not start the war in Afghanistan, al Qaeda and the Taliban government in Afghanistan did. You may disagree with the strategy and method Bush chose to execute in Afghanistan but isn't it funny how Bush is being blamed for using in Afghanistan, the exact strategy that the left wanted him to use in Iraq? Reliance on the 'international community' Let NATO take the lead.

Obama said during the campaign that he had a better way in Afghanistan. He announced in March HIS new strategy, he appointed HIS new commander to implement HIS strategy. Now he is trying to decide whether to resouce HIS commander to properly execute HIS strategy. The war in Afghanistan is HIS now and he needs to step up to the plate and take ownership.