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Originally Posted by Prowess Symphony View Post
Hey, I laughed at bush alot. I wasnt affected by him or obama in any way so far. If im forced to pay health care, then that will be the first thing a president has ever done that has affected me, and ill fight against that.

I find presidential screw ups hilarious, obama just a bit more so. Considering how much obama promised, and then instantly went against his own promises. Its like watching a reality tv show for me, and its funny.

Im sorry for all the problems either president has caused. Bush may have screwed up alot, but obama spent millions of dollars promising change. Bush couldnt help himself, but obama promised better but still screwed up. So which is worse?
Bush broke a lot of promises too. He stated back in 2000 he would not attack a country unless we were attacked first. Well he attacked a country first with Iraq...... All candidates do break their promises from the campaign, Democrat or republican. If the Americans fell for it again, it's there fault.

Hell, even McCain did as well. During his campaign he stated he was for helping out GM and Chrysler( not the way Obama did it, but some form of aid I believe). But, today he stated he thought GM and Chrysler should not have been helped at all.