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Originally Posted by quagmire View Post
Bush broke a lot of promises too. He stated back in 2000 he would not attack a country unless we were attacked first. Well he attacked a country first with Iraq...... All candidates do break their promises from the campaign, Democrat or republican. If the Americans fell for it again, it's there fault.

Hell, even McCain did as well. During his campaign he stated he was for helping out GM and Chrysler( not the way Obama did it, but some form of aid I believe). But, today he stated he thought GM and Chrysler should not have been helped at all.
Yeah bush screwed up alot. But he is gone now. Now its obama, who should have learned from bush, but didnt. He is making the same mistakes and even bigger ones, and most of america is blindly following him.

Some people are in real bad shape and admitting that obama is useless, is like admitting that their problems wont go away. For those of us not affected, we can look at obama and laugh, just like we did with bush. Some people have to blindly follow the leader, either out of weakness or because they need some type of hope that their lives will get better. I feel sorry for them, but blindly following a crackpot like obama isnt gonna help anything.