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Originally Posted by mikeokimster View Post
IMO, there isn't much of a performance difference betwen the base civic SI and the mugen version. I would definately look at the civic si. I would drive both to see what you would prefer.
Yeah. Im sure the performance difference is minimal. But it looks so much better . As for the r32. It definitely has more refinement, but i REALLY cant stand automatic. Ive had 2 automatic cars in a row and i cant take it anymore. So boring to drive. I really think that i may have to stop being a cheapo and look at cars that cost a few more bux a month because i'm really not gravy about any of these 3 . For the past 5 months Ive been picking my brain like crazy of wtf to get. I can pick up a lightly used c6 Vette for 500 a month. Or maybe an old z06 for about the same. But the problem there is no warranty. So looks like im back to square 1 of being clueless