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Originally Posted by quagmire View Post
It is customary in Japan to bow to each other.....

Don't see how he did anything wrong there......
Originally Posted by lkw15 View Post
That Bush picture is pretty funny. He was entertaining, that's for sure.

Although I'm not aligned with the President politically, I don't really think its that big of a deal. Like others have said it seems to be in line with the custom of the country. We've got other things to worry about, like being $10+ trillion dollars in debt.
yes, bowing is customary in japan, but not on this level. people of that importance dont bow to each other, maybe a little head nod or something like the emperor did. in case you cant see very well, obama is bent over at a 90 degree angle ready to shine the emperors shoes. that is a bow that a serf would give to his king.
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