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Originally Posted by quagmire View Post
It is customary in Japan to bow to each other.....

Don't see how he did anything wrong there......
I don't see the big deal either. What many don't understand is that all of these moves and "protocol" are discussed and planned in advance. President Obama is the head of state and constitutional lawyer. If anybody knows the rules of engagement and other random boring government policies it should be him.

Lets say he did break some rule. What does that say? Does him bowing say that the U.S. is inferior to Japan? Seriously. What does it say? I'm curious to know. When you visit someone's house/land you should pay them respect. President Obama could have just given him a handshake. I think it would have been odd. Bowing was his choice. Just look at the height difference.

I dont see how so many people can think he wants to run this country off a cliff. Now THAT is what I think is laughable.
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