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Obama campaigned to change the way the US is perceived in the world. He was willing to OPENLY discuss all matters with all countries. What better way to show your sincerity than to "bow" to the customs of the leaders of these countries?
No, I voted for Alan Keyes, and think Obama is screwing the hell out of my childrens' future. But it may be a future where the US is at least respected for showing tolerance and a willingness to work issues out without a nuclear bomb.

When I wen tot Japan with my wife, she was working for LM and selling foreign military details on the VLM systems she works on. We were invited to go to dinner near the end of the week with the local CEO of Mitsubishi where she was training them to perfrom the repairs. When introduced, he bowed to me, and I returned the courtesy, and I'm just her spouse. . .

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