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RWD only.
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Originally Posted by footie View Post
Please don't take this personally but I have come to the conclusion that most US member value 'bang for the buck' beyond most everything else and what you call 'bang per buck' I call it 'cheap and cheerful'. As such then most European/German brands will always come off second best against US/Asian brands.

Another thing that seem to be more common in the US is modifying cars instead of leaving them stock as is more common here, this actually surprises me considering most cars are leased.
The new Mustang GT is properly done. My only complaints with the interior stem from the storage compartments; the plastic looks cheap, feels cheap, and is fitted somewhat poorly.

The noise the car makes is infinitely better than any of those turbo'd fours or N/A V6s though. It's also making near-identical performance numbers in comparison to the 335i, and that's including parameters other than accelaration.
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