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Originally Posted by shpirate87 View Post
A senior administration official? That means someone who works for Obama, right? Probably Robert Gibbs or Rahm Emanuel speaking without attribution. Obviously he was NOT observing protocol if no other world leader has bowed and he was touching the Emperor when he bowed.

Just admit it... he screwed up. Happens to the best of us.
I'm not admitting anything. Find me the exact protocol document that says the POTUS is not suppose to bow before any other head of state....EVER. I can think of worse things Presidents have done. But we wont go there. Who creates protocol and what are the ramifications for breaking such? I'm of the impression that these things vary.

Obama respected the Emperor's culture. The Emperor returned the courtesy with a handshake. That is how I saw it. He obviously didnt execute the bow correctly to Japanese standards. President Obama has screwed up in the past and this isn't one of those times. He was trying to be respectful.
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