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Originally Posted by InsaneSkippy View Post
So my question is, what exactly does this all equate to?

Even if this does in some whacked-out tin-foil way mean Obama looked submissive, how does that change things. What happens BECAUSE of this?

I'm really interested to here why people think it's such a big deal.
What happens because of this? Nothing.

Why do people find it a big deal? Because people are stupid and care more about issues that require no thought to complain about.

The people who make a big deal out of this are on the same intelligence level as those who made a big deal (both positive and negative) about him wielding a lightsaber, killing a fly out of mid-air during an interview, and giving numerous "pound-its" to people.

It basically equates to people who watch E! nightly and think that the "stories" matter.

It's sad, really, as to what America has turned into. I'm glad that you recognize this, too. I've never seen this country more divided in my lifetime. At least with Bush most people were on the consensus that he sucks and most could agree with that wherever you went.