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Originally Posted by teagueAMX View Post
The test didn't give the whole picture, which is likely by design.

The didn't address sport handling, which is a function of the rubber compounds and the tire carcass design/fabrication e.g., belts, sidewall construction, bead, etc. The other thing they didn't really talk about is fuel mileage.

They need to generate some real test data similar to Consumer reports using a dyno for rolling resistance, and have some experts drive them on a closed course for sport driving comparison. Forget this "seat of the pants" testing.
We were in a controlled environment -- Bridgestone's test track outside Rome, Italy. While I would have enjoyed flogging the tires in the real world, they kept us on a very short leash at the facility. We did drive up into the mountains outside the gates, but (again) they had us playing lead-follow with a pace car.

The 3G (third-generation) tires still have not been released to the public.

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