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Originally Posted by ragingclue View Post
Wow that's quite a hypothetical escalation there, seemingly driven by paranoia maybe?
Paranoia? Nope. I'm a white male, 18-49, graduate educated in a white collar field earning more than 98% of my countrymen. I'm pretty much the last person who'd have any desire to upset the apple cart. But nice sublte try at calling me a terrorist. Or did you only mean Muslin? Because I'm not one, either.

How about a less extreme example. America is attacked, they round up all the citizens who share the same background as the attackers and put them in prison camps. And that only happened 50 years ago.

Once you start taking away people's basic human rights, where do you stop? How do you pull back from the abyss? I think there needs to be a line. And you don't cross it. Torture, imho, is on the other side of that line.

Originally Posted by ragingclue View Post
You are right about this. Americans are the most self-centered people in the world, with the biggest, grossest sense of entitlement I have ever experienced. That is true.
Actually, the placement of individualism above collectivism is something that I realyl admire about America. The sense of entitlement is completely seperate.