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Originally Posted by jaiman View Post
Paranoia? Nope. I'm a white male, 18-49, graduate educated in a white collar field earning more than 98% of my countrymen. I'm pretty much the last person who'd have any desire to upset the apple cart. But nice sublte try at calling me a terrorist. Or did you only mean Muslin? Because I'm not one, either.
No I was not trying to call you a terrorist or infer that you were Muslim. Not every post that disagrees with you is a personal attack. Relax. I was saying that's a paraniod train of thought to say "if we allow torture, then eventually we're dealing with mass executions". Not in today's society.

Originally Posted by jaiman View Post
Actually, the placement of individualism above collectivism is something that I realyl admire about America. The sense of entitlement is completely seperate.
Well, my friend, the grass is always greener.... And unfortunately, you can't have our sense of individualism without the sense of self-entitlement. Not in a mainstream sense, anyway.