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Originally Posted by Hawkeye View Post
A lot of the people talking in here are in the armed forces which give them a lot more insight than me, and even I know more about it than you since I have so many friends in service. You just really don't know a damn thing. Or do you "learn" from reading newspapers and watching tv?
This isn't meant to be disrespectful of the people on the front lines*, but they rarely will have enough perspective to make wholesale policy judgements.

I can't imagine its easy to step back and consider the wider ramifications of your actions when you are locked in a room with someone you suspect has helped build IEDs that will be used against you. In that case, torture seems completely logical as it will help keep your friends safe. I think most people would argree to torture if they thought the information they got would save friends of theirs from harm in the short term. But that doesn't mean as an overall policy that torture is right.

*and I have a ton of respect for anyone who places themselves in harms way for their country.