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Thumbs up Saikou Michi Custom 335i N54 Oil Catch Can Setup

Disclaimer: This is not a for sale or group buy thread and is only intended to display a new product, nothing is being sold here.

We all want a quality oil catch can with function and ease. For the past month I have been working with Saikou Michi Co. in a 335i specific oil catch can and we have finally got a finished product. Hope you enjoy the following pictures and product description. Sorry i don't have any actual install pics, for some reason the install pics aren't loading and i removed the can from my car already (returning soon). For more information and ordering check out their homepage at or 335i catch can page

The Can:
3” Diameter
6” Tall
“Thin Wall” Technology really makes this can very light although proving to be a quality built can as well. The can has a simple drain function at the turn of the screw located at the bottom of the can. There is an internal baffle and the basic internal picture of the can which can be seen here

Hose Size & Why:
Oil Inlet: 3/4”
Clean Outlet: 1/2"
The OEM hose size is approx 3/4" so reducing it to 3/8” like current catch cans might seem too constricting. We used a 3/4" for the oil inlet hose because it is a direct fit. This means no 2 piece plastic adapters, just a simple straight hose to the can which means no worries on oil leakage and oil leaking into spark plug wells. We tried to apply this to the clean outlet hose which is 1” but the setup gave us a very tight fit under the cowl. It does work but has a very, very, tight fit which led us to reduce the original 1” size to 1/2" (no need to worry as this doesn't harm anything, better then reducing even smaller to 3/8" like other catch cans). Yes you have to use a reducer on this hose from 1” to 1/2" but it is clean vapors from the oil catch can so no need to worry. This setup of 3/4" and 1/2” hose has a great fit under the cowl. Both the can and hose have just the right fit in the small space we are provided in the engine bay as well. To help improve install, the nipple on the catch can has been positioned right where the hoses come out under the cowl at a sleek 45 degrees. Measurements and more detailed info can be found here

The Mounting Kit:
We took the RR mounting kit and revised it to provide a full 1 piece setup. As you can see in the pictures the mounting kit comes with x2 bolts, x2 washers, and x2 screws to securely mount and secure the catch can unlike the RR mounting kit which requires the 2 pieces (bracket and "L" bracket) to be screwed together along with the can.

You can order the can in a various array of colors. Also you can change the nipple size to any size you want to fit your needs but by default it is 3/4" and 1/2". Simply e-mail Saikou for more details.

The price of the can with mounting kit is $125 which includes shipping in 48 states via USPS priority mail shipping.

What You Need To Buy Separately:
all you need is a long piece of 3/4" and 1/2" hose along with a small piece of 1" hose. lastly you need a 1" to 1/2" reducer and a few clamps. all of this which can be bought at your local home depot, lowes, etc hardware store.

Saikou Michi does not use the typical shopping cart on their site so you have to directly e-mail them for purchase.

Any questions you might have feel free to e-mail Saikou Michi.

What is a catch can?: A basic catch can is a canister that connects to an engines hoses to trap unwanted fluids. The fluids fall into the canister and stay there until the catch can is drained.

How does this help my engine?: A catch can connected to the PCV valve helps trap blow-by solids that would create carbon build up in your engine, and lower your rated octane levels. Lower octane levels increase your chances for detonation if you are tuned aggressively. A catch can connected to the breather hose would help keep oils from escaping and entering the intercooler in a boosted engine and maintain cooling efficiency.

Will this fit 135i? I don't know. From just looking at the rr catch can they use the same can, mounting kit, etc for the 135 and 335 so i would assume it would still fit for the 135i, but i can't guarentee anything on this.
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