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Originally Posted by SteelGreyDream
i just browse through this forum to read up on some topics but as soon as i read this thread i had to sign up and tell you my opinion...i've taken my M there not once but 3 TIMES! a very picky guy especially when it comes to my M and i won't take it just anywhere...Mikeloff is a GREAT body shop and i've had nothing but good experiences with them...they do such CLEAN work and you always see BMW's there because they are an approved by BMW body far as Paicifc BMW goes, i baught my car from them and have never had any troubles with their service department...YES, the waiting period for your car is long especially if you got into an accident but i guess it's because they want to do a good job on it...i really dont think anyone is out to scam you dude because im sure BMW would not recognize this body shop if it was common practice with them...this was an unfortunate experience you had, but to come on and talk trash about a body shop that almost all M owners who I know and have had work done there, is pretty lame...if you had any sense what so ever, you would have called them and tried to talk to them and see what they could have done for you before you came here and defamed them infront of an entire community...that just goes to show your immature and rash behavior...instead of calling Mikeloff and calmly explaining your side and not jumping to conclusions about scams and what not, you started crying and ranting like a little not defame a company that most M owners, such as myself, who are going to be holding onto our cars for a very long time and caring for them, see as a reputable and HONEST place to do our business...IMHO i totally understand the pain and agony it is to deal with insurance companies but their main goal is to refuse claims, which is the reason they have these people called "adjusters" lol...seriously, you should have talked to them before posting about it on the forum... either way, we're still going to give them business because they do an incredible job and are cool to deal sure if you gave them a chance and were a little more willing to work with them, they would have done the right thing...

I don't know why...but you seem like you aren't a real poster...just some one endorsing Mikeloff brothers.

Call me crazy.