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In the back doors are Morel Integra Ovation 4. I love these as a coaxial, and I know that I probably could have just used a mid since I wil be bandpassing the rears as part of my rear-speaker experiment. These are on the 50W channels of the DC200, and I can run them either stereo or L-R mono.

Finally, there will be a fiberglass molded enclosure in the corner with a Morel Ultimo SC 10. The sub is light, it's relatively shallow, it sounds really good (I've used two of them now), so I went with it. For now,it's in a prefab MDF enclosure until we get the sub box made.

There is a DRC up front with the sub knob, both currently in the glove box, but eventually the buttons and display are coming out of the DRC and being mounted into the bezel above the ashtray. The sub knob will go there too, with a matching volume knob-cover from the HU. Should look VERY stock (the DRC illumination will change to BMW amber).

The E9x BMW, like most other current BMWs, have a tub under the cargo load floor. It is a great shape for multiple PDX or HD amps, but I had to go pick a long, narrow form factor...

I needed 9 channels - 2 F tw, 2 F mid, 2 F MB, 2 R, and sub.

The solution was to put a DC650 East-West, and a DC200 and a DC500 in the tub, North-South. All are running 4 ohms and I don't think the airflow will be an issue, but if it is we can add more venting easily.
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